Questions to ask yourself everyday

I read an article recently (in a mumsy magazine so really high brow!) that really made me think and want to set myself a little challenge…

It was a little snippet by novelist Matt Haig which only covered a corner of a page but had the biggest impact. He suggested asking yourself 7 questions at the end of every day and it proved a rather poignant exercise.

So here are the questions attached with a few of my own reflections..

1. How many times have a checked my phone today?

SUCH a great questionsbecause I am definitely a culprit of being dependent on my smartphone. I hate leaving the house without it and I am constantly checking to see what new twitter messages, snapchat stories and instagram photos have been posted. Sometimes I will sit on the bus and (when I am not guilty of staring at my phone myself) look around at how the majority of passengers are glued to their phones. I think it has become such a shame that we don’t take enough time nowadays to look up from a screen and appreciate the beautiful, natural things in life. What do you guys think: are we overly dependent of technology in today’s society?


2. Have a learnt something new today?

I am a self-proclaimed lover of learning. I love watching documentarys, travelling to new places, reading articles and listening to fact filled podcasts. But sometimes a day will pass when I don’t feel I have really learnt something new and I have vowed to myself to keep my brain healthy and those little grey cells ticking over by discovering something new everyday. Top tip; the QI weekly podcast ‘No such thing as a fish’ is a great, funny and intelligent way to increase your knowledge of this crazy world we live in!

3. Have I helped someone?happiness-is-helping-others

I think this is such a lovely question because compassion is a beautiful quality. And it doesn’t get much better than practising acts of kindness every single day. Also showing kindness for other has been PROVEN (by experts and everything!) to make us feel happier in ourselves. So if you achieve one thing today, make it offering assistance to someone else! Helping others is all about giving off good vibes and triggering feelings of reward and positivity.

4. Have I eaten something that’s given me pleasure?

Now here is a tricky one for me… my eating disorder prevents me from reaping the full pleasures of exquisite tastes. Even if I register that I like the taste of something, enjoyment of food is still difficult for me to achieve. Anorexia tells me I am not worthwhile of the food I eat and constant feelings of guilt for eating anything denies me of receiving much pleasure. However here Matt Haig has presented a question to ALL readers; he believes everyone is worthy of not just food but good food. He also believes we should allow ourselves to AT LEAST eat one thing everyday that we don’t berate ourselves for but we get pleasure from. Matt has not specified that this question should apply to certain people; everyone deserves to feel the same way and everyone is worthy of eating something which delivers a burst of happiness. Anorexia informs me that OTHER people are ALLOWED to eat, but I am not permitted myself. Articles like this one prove how wrong my eating disorder is and how it skews reality.


I’ve decided to shorten my blog posts to make them easier to read, more appealing for those in a hurry and less long-winded and thus boring. So I’ll continue with these questions we should ask ourselves everyday next week!

In the meantime, before you go to bed ask these first 4 questions to yourself and see what answers are revealed and feel free to comment with them below…




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